Tasmin Brown: How I see the world

us reflected in sunglassesI see the world as a big exciting place where amazing feats (like raising your toddler above your head) and heartfelt moments (like sneaking a kiss when you think no one is looking) happen every day. Capturing these candid moments in a photo-journalistic style of photography is what I enjoy doing.

This lifestyle-portrait principle includes photographing you:

  • where you feel comfortable (in your home, at the park)
  • with you interacting with your family members
  • or in my home studio for a more polished look.

Using professional digital equipment, I will come to the location of your choice, and take as many photos as there is time. Depending on your specific needs, the pictures I might take of your a family I might take every combination of members, plus children playing together, parents' embrace, and interactions while everyone runs on the beach or has a picnic.

Without traditional poses, your family bond still comes across clearly. However, for your Nana we can always accommodate a more formal structure. You might be surprised at how many new views I can provide of those most familiar to you.

Another popular option for head shots, pregnancy shoots and families with new babies is to come to my home studio for more polished pictures with a solid black or white background and professional lighting.

I typically spend 3 hours editing for every one spent actually taking photos to provide you with the best depiction of your loved ones. I hand color-balance, remove minor blemishes from each photo, and perform a variety of artistic adjustments to help enhance the beauty of your prints.

Within two weeks of your session, I will post all the proofs to an online slideshow for viewing by your family and friends which can be shared through Facebook and other social media. This will be active for no less than three months from the date of your session.

You may contact me any time to order prints and specialty items like the ever-favorite photo book. I keep all images backed up in multiple locations indefinitely, should you need more prints in the future.

I look forward to seeing how you see the world.